Five Reasons Why You Should Try Article Marketing

In this article I am going to write about the advantages article marketing has over other types of marketing like Pay Per Click or Banner Ads. I am going to cover five different topics that make article marketing a very attractive alternative to other paid options. After reading this article you will be in a better position to make an informed decision of whether you would like to try article marketing to promote your website or service.

1. Highly Targeted Traffic.

When you compare article marketing to other types of traffic generation, article marketing comes way on top for getting highly targeted traffic. What do I mean by highly targeted traffic? The only people who will click through to your website will be readers who enjoyed what you have written and want more information about what you are offering. These people are classed as highly targeted traffic.

2. Relationship And Trust Building.

By reading your article first, as an alternative to seeing an ad, the reader will be better informed about who you are, your style of writing and your knowledge of the subject. All of this is the beginning of a relationship, before they decide whether to click through to your website or not.

Articles have a huge advantage over other forms of advertising as they begin to build this relationship with your reader and gain trust before they even come to your website to view what is there.

3. Readers Are Better Informed About Your Website.

Another advantage articles have over paid advertising is that the reader will be much better informed about what they are going to expect if they click through to your website. This is especially true if the article submission website is a good one, publishing only unique articles on their website.

4. Reader Gets Free Information.

The information which you are giving your readers is free for them to use and implement as they see fit. You do not get this type of action from a paid advertisement. By giving this information freely and if the information is what they are looking for at that time, they will be more likely to trust your information and perhaps want more from you.

5. Costs No Money.

Writing articles has no monetary cost to you, but it does cost you time. This is time well spent though as your article can bring you traffic today, next week and even in a few months time. It can keep getting traffic for you for a long time to come. You do not get this kind of advertising from any paid alternatives.

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