Soccer Recruiting Videos – What Coaches Really Want to See


For high school athletes trying to make it to the college soccer level, soccer recruiting videos play a vital role. Coaches want to see video to make a determination on whether or not a soccer player has the talent and skills to play soccer at the division level his or her team competes at.

Soccer recruiting videos can take several forms. Footage can be in the the form of DVD’s or footage placed online. No matter what format you decide to use, the important thing is that your video needs to grab the attention of the coach and make him or her want to learn more about you full match replay. A good video will:

1- Demonstrate your specific soccer skills
2- Show some of your best game highlights
3- Show complete game footage

Coaches don’t want to see soccer recruiting videos that simply show nothing but your highlights. They realize any athlete can put together enough highlights to make themselves appear to be a great soccer player. Coaches also want to see footage of you demonstrating the specific skills of the game of soccer and how you perform under game conditions.

Getting good video footage can be created from several different sources. You can ask your school or high school coach about the footage they maintain. You can ask your traveling team coach about video footage. You an ask your parent(s) to create some footage for you. Or, you can go out and hire a professional. If you have the money to spend, hiring a professional is obviously the best way to go. If you don’t have the money to spend to hire a professional, doing it yourself or getting footage from your coach is okay.

Along with the soccer recruiting videos you send out to coaches, you’ll want to also send out a letter to the coaches along with your athletic resumes. Making direct contact with coaches is the best way to get recognition and to get coaches interested in signing you to come and play in their program. In most cases, you may want to send the letter and resume first, and let the coach know video footage is available upon his or her request.

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