Medical Research Excellence – Health-e-Child


A European Project.

The job, that lasted about Two years, is designed with the collaboration of the Pediatric Hospital Giannina Gaslini of Genoa, the London Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital along with also the Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris. Because January 2006 Health-e-Child was financed by several partners for a entire funding of nearly 17 million, most of them from the European Union.

Current limitations.

Some diseases which affect youth are particularly complicated each for diagnosis and for therapy: a more complicated situation compounded from the recurrence of selected ailments. The search for a appropriate cure can grow to be a actual ordeal for young patients seemore platform.

Health-e-Child aims to ease the beating of those challenges, assisting to maximize the present processes, and a lot times disappointing.

Share excellence.

Health-e-Child can be a integrated research project, funded under the Sixth Framework Program of the European Union, in order to develop a co operative system encouraging clinical investigation and research from pediatrics, dependent on the vertical integration of medical statistical data and biomedical comprehension: from anamnesis to diagnostic imaging, from genetics to epidemiology; simplifying exactly the clinical clinic via modeling of disease and regeneration of knowledge discovery automatic systems.


Based on the theory of information sharing to enhance the intellectual cash, the procedure lets to create together all the clinical information of young patients, interpret and read as a result of an innovative model of distributed computing, linking the big European anaesthetic physicians and gradually expand the system and the entire system anywhere, increasing the number of conditions handled and also the activity fields (outside of the initial places: cardiology, oncology and rheumatology), and also make this platform a priceless instrument to assist diagnosis, built on knowledge gained from clinical facilities of excellence.

In in this manner is reduced the probability of diagnostic errors and enhanced the retrieval of surgical and information equipment skills.

The end tube of medication.

Just how explains actually among those accountable for this project:

“In case Ferrari needs to test out a shock absorber for your Canadian Grand Prix obviously does not attract the car and jolt on the rushing track of this North American country, but tries to re built in its own labs all conditions that can be produced. With Health-e-Child could be the same. Instead of studying what can happen to different parameters of the center, such as for instance its ability to contract or the experience of a valve, the more expert works on his pc absolutely substituting the event to become verified.”

Practically, referring to documentation listed inside the database, you can formerly set up what will be the actual response of probably the most essential member in your body.

Not only. Employing simulation to observe a specific detail, for instance the contraction of the left ventricle, which must pump blood flow into aorta, it’s possible to virtually discover what’s occuring on the individual, acting consequently.

Quality, efficacy and universality.

The effects of the so crucial technology on diagnostic quality and efficacy is well established. We can only expect for an immediate and widespread dissemination of how “version” on international scale to enable the production of the biggest worldwide system for biomedical wisdom and the evolution of new procedures that may positively influence medical processes, and thus saving many lifestyles.

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