Types of Hair Smoothing Treatment


This is a cosmetic procedure which can be used to remove natural waves and curls from your hair. After this process it will give your hair a straightened smooth look. The process will generally work by using chemicals that’ll affect the hair follicles, breaking the bones down that provide your hair strands their own waves or curls. There are several forms of hair removal remedies which range in potential damage to your own hair, efficacy, and cost effective.

Keratin hair smoothing remedies

This treatment is one among the most cooking recipes usual type s and is also known as Brazilian hair elimination. All these hair smoothing treatments involves using keratin, that’s a kind of protein which naturally occurs on your hair follicles. Formaldehyde, a chemical is blended with all the keratin protein to help it to bond into the molecules in your hair, making them more smooth. The results from this treatment will last approximately a few months. At this time you will have to get this treatment redone.

Chemical relaxers hair smoothing treatments

This treatment is the one that is less damaging to your own hair and less expensive than the other folks. With all these hair smoothing treatments chemicals are used to cut back the bonds of the molecules of one’s hair and break down the bonds. It does it in a less dramatic, more tender manner than another two treatments listed here. This treatment will help generate any tight curls into waves that are smoother. It is going to even help soften kinky hair to make it more manageable. As that really is just a relaxing treatment it doesn’t create the smooth look of one other treatments which use chemicals which can be harsher. To maintain the feel you may possibly need to reevaluate the therapy every couple of months.

Thermal reconditioning hair smoothing treatments

This treatment is also referred to as laser hair elimination. A chemical solution will be implemented and then washed. Then your hair will be blowdried and utilizing a set iron it’ll soon be smoothed out. Depending upon producer the precise mixture of the chemicals used in such hair removal remedies will be different. A number of the formulations useful for this particular treatment are patent-protected. It is thought they’re good at distributing your hair by wearing down the molecular structure of your hair so that it is going to keep the visual appeal of one’s smooth hair once it’s be blow-dried and flat-ironed. The outcomes from this treatment are generally permanent. This usually means that the texture of your hair will stay smooth and soon you’ve got new hair grow inside.

Such treatments can have dangerous or potentially unwanted consequences. Using chemicals may damage your hair and make it break away or be sterile.

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