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You are probably like me and you are after traffic as an affiliate marketer but not any old traffic. Quality traffic is the key to success that earn all those commissions from your offers.

Most of the traffic software out there is a complete waste of time; do not get me wrong they will get lots of traffic, but not the right type. We want buying traffic, yes that is the difference and if we can get FB ads free all the better for us.

As far as traffic is concerned, I will take a reduced amount that buys like mad anytime of the day.

After extensive testing I have found out that is exactly what Facebook traffic is like. The reason is that you can target exactly the right person based on things they like books they read to even where they live Buy Facebook Viewers

That little bit of information might have just put a lot of light bulbs on but as you know the issue with Facebook traffic is it is expensive. Very expensive, making it very hard to make a campaign profitable.

Why you might ask? The reason is that Facebook is different from all the other websites and all it cares about is keeping their viewers on its own site.

Every day you could receive free targeted visitors from Facebook, yes free targeted traffic.

Facebook is now becoming the Google of year’s gone by. I bet that out of all the emails you receive everyday at least a quarter of them refer to fb. So many marketers are leaving Google in droves to perform their sales techniques on fan pages. Does it work? You can bet your bottom dollar it does and that is why so many people are using it.

There is a big difference between marketing on social media than on search engines and this is what a lot of people forget or just do not know any different. Why do people use social Medias, to socialise and not being sold to off the bat? Yes you can sell to your fans but you have to do it in a very subtle way and not direct. This is the secret of selling on any of the social media sites and until you master this art of selling you will get frustrated and give up saying it does not work.

Until you find or know the secrets of selling on Facebook you will fail miserably.

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